You ran away, you literally up and explanation given, you coward. What makes you so scared of love, how close did you get to losing juliet to death?.. And even if you had, wouldn’t that be a more poetic end for love? Return the heart you stole, give back the smiles you shamelessly accepted. Noah_arkenswagg



Some of us are more beautiful from afar. The same things that make you want to get closer, should make you want to accept that sometimes beauty cannot be understood or owned.. Sometimes things are beautiful because they lie in the spotlight of mystery. Noah_arkenswagg

Friend zone

You shot me with bullets that weighed me down, from your lofty position above that wall, you look me in the eyes and take a shot for each stone I reach for in my climb. Leaving me in the friend zone was unfair enough, but these bullets weigh more than their equivalent in rejection..and there you go again, aiming for another shot of “he’s just a friend. ” noah_arkenswagg


At which concentration does love become toxic? Wrong question.. Cause love only hurts the pharmacist, the one who wasn’t ready to dispense the chemical architecture that is love…the one only thinking about how the drug is all so…Amor-philic. Noah_arkenswagg


I can’t function without you, so how about I make us equals and see how this all works out. Get closer, take away the barriers.. Together we’ll divide and conquer, and soon, add our adventures to the greatest romance stories ever told. Noah_arkenswagg

Bad news

Crown of words and a suit of metaphor, ring of art and a heart aflame with pain..all have failed me in this material moment. A poet without his words, a writer who no longer bleeds ink …being speechless is not a good sign obviously, silence is a pig in the mud and never gold. So much pain and so little to say, so much to say and no way to express with words what the heart screams; no more flame. Noah_arkenswagg