You… part 2

You! You define beauty …you’re the reason the painter wakes up inspired and the musician writes songs to sing on a balcony on a rainy day…you’re the reason for this poem, and you’ll never know. You! …how does anyone move on from you, how is beauty spoken of without a picture of you to illustrate…I have so much to say and yet I’m speechless, such song in my heart and yet I’m simply a writer, I would paint you by hand, but I only have my thoughts of you. You!



You ..part I

You make me feel like I’m floating,like cartoon love in elated by your presence. You make me smile from ear to ear and I don’t feel silly ’cause you’re here. You make me, and oh how I love to be defined by you. Noah_arkenswagg

taste of poison

Venom, sweet to my tongue, bitter to the heart. Poison, running through my veins at its own pace…and I can see it, even through the tears I see the map beneath my skin light up in blue. I wish I could blame another for this.. but its my fault… I wish I could point to the one with the bottle… but its in my hands. They said “pick your poison” , and I went straight for love. noah_arkenswagg


Even the shadows dance in pairs, and the seemingly lonely cat is simply avoiding his mistress, the wind is eternally chasing the love of his life and the moon still ‘plays hard to get’ with the wolves…and here I am, nursing a broken heart that cuts when you fit the pieces together, there I go asking Google to tell me the title of a song that has her name written all over. noah_arkenswagg