So sweet!

If i could take sips of sadness, and pain were a slice of cake…in the end, what will be left of me?

Took a sip out of memories, a slice of heartache for my sweet tooth. Every bite, a step towards a satisfied end. What will be left of me?

Thirsty for what was, hungry for nostalgia…soon, there will be nothing left, but a few crumbs here and there. Noah_arkenswagg



A heart so empty, you can hear the dregs splash about. A tongue so heavy, the words won’t come out. I’m the fool that wished for love, new wine in old wine skins, here I am, bursting at the seams! You were the enemy, until I welcomed you as a friend…how dare you trick me, you four lettered fiend!Noah_arkenswagg

Day-dreaming Prince

There she was atop her throne, a lady queen, gown of red. Uncaring gaze, musical sighs…none before her may grasp her thoughts. “Shall we take a walk?” On her feet, she already stood. “Who are you to ask my hand?” she asked in return… “a humble Prince, your heart i seek.” Noah_arkenswagg

The Rock

When i am weak, then I am strong…for your love is a soothing balm for my aching heart, and your welcoming arms are the home I’ve always known. You wipe away my tears and troubled thoughts you kiss away. When I am weak, then I am strong…for you are who you are. Noah_arkenswagg

The art of flowers

Rose bullets, you put a few stalks through my chest, and now I’m as beautiful as a summer sky at dusk…if I take a rest and lay with the other flowers, will I disappear? Is that the beauty you crave? Then here I’ll sit, a beautiful memory to the eye, a painful reminder to reaching fingers. Noah_arkenswagg


It’s an electric mood, I could bury my hands in my chest and pull out emotions deeper than poetry, would you read me? The words begin where lips end and the story continues where my heart lives, would you read me? Scrutinise me with glasses that see deeper than ink goes. Noah_arkenswagg


Was I to burst your bubble? Fight a battle, sweat and blood, against waiting mercenaries and assassins?… and if I did, how was I to hold your hand in the end, when my own bubble would have been in the way? Reach for me, while I reach for you… maybe we’re stronger than bubbles. Noah_arkenswagg

Credit to mid journey a.i for image