Too old

Too old to believe in fairy tales and wishes, too young to stop dreaming..the gap in between is where the screaming happens. Dreams keep me up at night, the fairy tales put me to sleep during the day; day dreams…tortured by thoughts in the filter shade of melancholy. Night or day? I guess my favourite moment is when the clock resets time.



Oh Juliet, is your heart kind or does it cast a selfish shadow…Will you turn your eyes away from redeeming light to bask in death’s embrace? Will love as bright as ours be ended by your kindness? Kindness that allows you to find a sheath for a homeless blade? Dear Juliet, be selfish and turn to light oh so redeeming , flee from death’s embrace, for thy Romeo is a jealous husband. Noah_arkenswagg


Faceless crowds and mocking laughter thrown like grenades… I’m the target, and my crime is walking where the sun shines. In my cave I’m King, in my sheets I’m master…but here, I’m the clown; the king’s fool. “What ifs” are my poison and I’m drunk on my own thoughts. Faceless crowds, mocking laughter…maybe it’s all in my head, but this is my kingdom and the crown sits heavy. Noah_arkenswagg

Show and tell

I love you ….

Yes, you keep saying that but where is the evidence of these words? I don’t want painted clouds or prancing dragons, I don’t even want melted rainbows… all I need are the good morning whispers and pancakes, movie nights and praying hands. Show me those, instead of tossing those 3 words like live grenades, show me what you look like when all we have is each me!


The irony of anger

Rage, pure and simple premise to sin, equation of destruction, here I am giving in to what is red and dangerous all over…what is this feeling of power, what is this fleeting powerup. I want the world to dance with me in red, be the wall upon which I paint the source of my rage, until I realise the emptiness such power possesses. Noah_arkenswagg

I ___ you

You don’t have to say it back, you only need to give me an eternity in your presence to prove the words I’ve already screamed at the top of my voice. I’ll wait till you have the proof in your heart..then maybe, you’ll say it too? “I love you.” Noah_arkenswagg

Sharing is…

To share one’s life…quick glances to see if your partner spotted that funny scene across the street, while holding in laughter like a child.

To share one’s life…sadness and anger, a soothing voice or fuel to the fire, a heartfelt reconciliation by dusk.

To share one’s life… rainy days, cold nights, stories about the past beside the weather coloured windows.

To share one’s life…