With a face like mine who cares which part of a story you belong. You could have been the guy that whispered to prince charming how the dragon that guarded his princess had a soft spot for mirrors…could have been the one that said hi to her, for exactly the length of time it took to delay her departure…leading to the beginning of the story that mattered. With a face like mine…who cares?    Noah_arkenswagg

Rain or shine 

Why is the sky so emotional today? Angry red at dawn, smiling brightly by the 7th hour, and then shedding tears by midday. I wish I could comfort you in the many ways I do not know, but you’re so far away. Know this though, as sure as your eyes are blue, so will my smile forever express my joy to see you every day, whether you rain or you shine. Noah_arkenswagg 

Skipping stones

If love were a rock , how far could you throw it…will oceans and continents be your limit? Remember, keeping the inscriptions of promises on the rock in full view is enough to grant thee the strength of hercules. A name under your breath, is enough to catapult love farther than arrows dare go. Memories of blue oceans trapped in her eyes are enough to keep you going. Noah_arkenswagg

Move on

Tell me how to move on. Teach me how to forget you. Question is if I ever succeeded, then what was the point in loving you..there’s only one of you ..and I love everything about you’s I fell in love with you ..every part of your being. So how could I move there another of you?..there aren’t many fish in the sea..each one is different..I tell you this as a fact. So I chose I’m to move on, then teach me how. For moving on would mean I never loved..and my bleeding heart and messy hair beg to differ. Noah_arkenswagg 


I woke up from those sweet dreams. And the nightmares here they come ..they do not need darkness, neither do they require the permission of closed eyes, all they thirst for is a broken here the nightmares come, eyes wide open and still they torment me. I wish I could turn back time, upon a thousand wishes I would wish each time for a singular outcome…not to go back to dreams, no..but to become an insomniac to your love, so I may sketch you with the aid of sunlight, and write about your beauty with the warm touch of a bedside lamp. Noah_arkenswagg

4 word story

Fake friends are real. 


Walk like a queen 

Her walls were made of glass, you could see her crying her heart out in a corner with hair as livid as a tigers coat but still never reach her. Scream, employ the art of morse code upon her walls..none will reach her shivering frame. Start a fire if you dare, these walls are darker than her thoughts ..light dare not sneak upon her shivering frame. Glass castle..a lonely abode..and yet hers ultimately. .for who said she could never leave? Perhaps Queens need time alone to at least count the scars upon their heart, so they may walk in tune to the internal song of elegant strength. Noah_arkenswagg


I’m grateful for the unsend button, some thoughts are meant to be held in a bear hug for as long as possible. I’m not sure about the allow button, broken hearts begin with a “hello, how are you”. Noah_arkenswagg 

I’m here! 

Here, but not really. You could brush up against my problems and not realize as you walk away with colored elbows. Fading in with the walls, and even crowds won’t notice my curious smile. Lost in a world full of people, alone in a city filled with maps..which one in the crowd would notice if I boldly took a step into their mist. Who in the ever vibrant movement of humanity will stop for a moment and see me materialize into reality. Notice me.. I promise I have something to offer.. Even if I don’t know what that is. Noah_arkenswagg 

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