If I was given a scroll and a feather pen to write about you, I’d need enough parchment to cover your street, so you could walk all over it while you walked away to the other one you love. I’d still find 999,999 reasons to love you and only one not to. I really hope he’s not the one for you, I really would love to add that ‘you love me too’ to my list. Noah_arkenswagg


Not worthy

As if a queen like you would ever fall for someone like me. Your golden footsteps I may not follow, your guards ensure I cannot attempt to reach for your shadow during dusk. The icy velvet cloth, covering your hair is proof that I haven’t had the courage to look into your eyes yet… I may never find the words to describe them even if I did. As if you’d ever ponder what a weakling like me wanted in your presence, I’ve been writing the cutest love notes and leaving them under my pillows..never reaching you. Noah_arkenswagg


I guess you found a way to anchor yourself to our dream beach, and now you spend your days teasing the starfish, and picking sea shells. I’m still stranded at sea, lost on the liquid continent, I may never find land. I just hope you won’t build a fire to help me find my way home every night, I want you to move on…Be happy. Noah_arkenswagg


It’s been months, but I could have sworn it was only seconds that had passed. Seasons came and went and I figured you’d come back smiling you usually did. Comets danced across the sky, giving us the scare, and then as beautifully as they entered our starry field of vision , they left…and yet you have not returned. Noah_arkenswagg


It’s like being separated from air by a mask, or love by glass. It’s knowing you’re there, just in my peripheral vision, but never being able to see you, no matter how far I turn. It’s knowing how I feel when you’re with me, yet never meeting you in person. I hate this diet, I’m so done. Noah_arkenswagg

Full moon

Humans tend to avoid looking up, unless there’s an eclipse, or the clouds get moody…and like them, I only look up when the moon is full, wondering if there’s a heart similar to mine also looking for hope in the skies. Noah_arkenswagg


Prisoner of bone, stuck behind horizontal bars the size of bones. I know not my crime, or why I deserve a prison, but it feels too small, cramped, it feels like the walls close in every time I look at them… I’m tired, really..of hearing my own voice echo each second. Noah_arkenswagg