Panick.. Insane panick, eyes that dart like marbles in a glass sphere, mind racing faster than neurons allow, insanity breathing down her neck…desperation..and anger..and powerlessness, and pain and tears. After such torment, why would she trust another … Why should she not be stronger than damsels and wiser than queens. Noah_arkenswagg



You were born with the ability to stitch flowers into gowns, and tickle a baby until giggling sounded like dimples forming. You make probabilities approach singularities, you’re a miracle with a smile, and yet farther from my reach than the sun. Noah_arkenswagg


Pools of water reflect a heart..I hear, but they also tell a story of how heavy a heart is when they rise. I love that about water, the predictable quiet existence it has. It’s the waves that worry me, stubborn ripples with the ego of..well a wave..pushing everything back and standing proud. Noah_arkenswagg


Stung by needles with golden hilts…and cut by shiny smiles. Memories, made from skin in the colour of scars, and then come the monster butterflies in my belly. Such is the feeling when the past comes back to haunt. Noah_arkenswagg

A friend

Having a friend like you is like having faith you’ll grow corn in the middle of winter. Seeing you smile brings my heart peace more expensive than air…you’re kind, and beautiful, and posses a heart of gold. You’re my friend and that’s a blessing I never could have thought to ask for. Noah_arkenswagg


Hands that only reach for you when you turn to leave, whispers that only say your name when you turn up the music and shut the world out…love that only rears it’s head in their hearts when you give up on feeling anything beyond hunger; such is the fleeting nature of man. Noah_arkenswagg

Silent room

What do you think happens in those moments when a room suddenly quiets down. Did brain waves sync up or did an angel just pass by. Only the wind could tell us what caused a shift in the atmosphere, but 2 hearts in love could probably hear each other in that silence ..right? Noah_arkenswagg