Oh that this be my last breath upon this forsaken rock… that this heaviness beneath a prison of bone would be lightened, taken away from me and tossed into the grave. Oh that this be my last breath surrounded by hypocrites…that the needles that stick out where the hugs reached would be taken out. Worry not about the gaping holes that remain, they are a welcome addition to the masterpiece that is ‘me’. Noah_arkenswagg

Candle light

Gentle flame, resting upon a wick, your existence is decided by a breeze or gentle lips. Though your light may brighten up a child’s future or guide innovation, you exist only now and not tomorrow. I’m jealous of your absolute purpose.

Life span shorter than that of a moth, your fiery display of passion and dance attracts all, even if to their dramatic end. I’m jealous of the music you play for the dancing shadows. Noah_arkenswagg

Life’s prisoner

Oh these rattling shackles, black with anger where I’ve struck, red with pain where the light kissed. I can hear them when I sleep, I can taste them when I cry, oh these shackles. Hands and ankles, heart and mind…I’ve been bound to walls so high, the voices that mock me from above can only be identified by their laughs…and so i raise my shackles and rattle them at the skies, screaming “why me?” to the echoes of the voices that mock me. Noah_arkenswagg


Why oh why? All that is wrong and bad snuggles up to me the moment my eyes open at dusk… never a moment to spare, my every breath is an invitation to pain. I hate the passing hours, I hate the passing seasons…I mourn this ticking bomb that is my heart! Noah_arkenswagg

The coward

Drip, drip…sweat falls off brows tightly knit from focus. Mouth slightly open, an echo of the last word whispered. These words mean everything, the ink that flows tonight is as beautiful as molten gold, each word the weight of lead. Hair a mess, from thinking thoughts flow the longer one runs fingers through… this night is full of stories, how they end or begin only the reader knows. It’s all about perspective, until it isn’t and the name is only a word.. then a fleeting thought… and soon a fading memory. Noah_arkenswagg


Pain and suffering never end, it’s always one thing or the other, today or tomorrow…but I see the exit, the light that beckons, at the end of it all. Noah_arkenswagg


Burning and choking, the emotions drown me. When everything I feel is belittled and reduced, I’ve become the man constantly choking on the unsaid words and eternally aflame with anger. Spite is the bristling suit of thorns and nails I wear these days, looking sharper than the two edged sword my tongue has become. Noah_arkenswagg