Look within yourself, imagine the corridors leading to your inner self. Did you see dark corridors or well lit paths, are you sitting in dark rooms hugging knees or are you dancing with strobed lights. Look deep inside, who are you? Light or dark?



We adore children not just because of their cuteness, but because we crave the innocence they have that we once held dear. Stained hands and battle ridden consciences..we have become coloured by sin just by taking a walk through life. Noah_arkenswagg

Dead or alive

One has the itch, and the other does not. One has the itch to seek power, the other does not. One’s flesh betrays him when he has an itch, the other’s does not. One has an itch to seek pleasure, the other does not. If you want the difference, ask the spiders and ants….one has the itch the other does not. Noah_arkenswagg

Romeo and Juliet

Who can look the rain in the eye without shedding tears, who can stare at the sun without looking away shyly, who may kiss the earth without regret…such is the way of the one searching for Juliet, his pain will forever be unopposed, for this world has sworn to destroy everything Romeo holds dear. Noah_arkenswagg


A thousand sunsets I’ve seen, perfection in shades of purple and red…and yet, i crave more. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and my eyes are bottomless in this regard. These greedy eyes, they won’t stop searching, even while I dream with closed eyes. Noah_arkenswagg


If I could trade every sigh for a smile, you’d see me wear it permanently, my most prominent feature….but because expressions of pain are skin deep, you’ll only hear my heart scream with a hug. Red pill, blue pill…emptiness is a hard thing to swallow. Noah_arkenswagg


Her silence is enough to kill, for it’s the only word that’ll cause her lips to part…a silent kill. She’ll make your heart quiver in ways Robin Hood couldn’t dream of, even with an arrow in hand. Noah_arkenswagg


We’ve noticed the ignorant walk of man has gone silent. He who did not feel the earth beneath his feet, or notice the little worm crawl by. He who extended hairless limbs and touched without respect, startling mother and child nestled deep in trees. We’ve noticed the air has shifted, while our mother tells us it’s time to heal. “But mother, will they not return”, “Only time will tell, child.” Noah_arkenswagg


Gone with the wind, like summer leaves, as autumn threatens our swaying dance. Winters cold kiss is coming, trotting, then at full gallop if you look… but our love was dead long before spring, gone with your cold embrace. Noah_arkenswagg