She said “I kicked up a storm and wouldn’t speak to you, pouted lips and wouldn’t look you in the eyes…walked into the rain just for dramatic effect. Even after all that you still left..what happened to staying no matter what? You didn’t even try once…even the rain I employed simply for poetic effect misses me more than you do…is this all I’m worth?”




Tears hotter than magma, I feel them burn gulleys along cheeks..a heart so heavy, gravity wouldn’t have held me down this much. I’m so broken the pieces couldn’t find each other if magnets could help. So look at me smile.. but ignore my eyes when I say I’m fine. Noah_arkenswagg

Stuck on repeat

Smile through the pain, push the send on those “im fine” fallacies…deny the galaxy a reason to watch you cry. For what else does a broken man have but his pride. Noah_arkenswagg

Hand in marriage

Dear sir,

Why should you let me marry your daughter? because I have the ‘genes’ of a survivor, I must admit I do wear shorts sometimes, but I’m the kind of gentleman that would wear a suit and tie just to serve her breakfast in bed. I’d love her till lifetimes expire, then I’d love her some more in paradise. Noah_arkenswagg


Seeing her smile was enough to make his day…it was better than coffee and pancakes , sweeter than honey flavoured kisses and strawberries, softer than melted hearts and chocolate hugs. That’s what love smells like. Noah_arkenswagg


My brand of drama isn’t a bottle of brandy, it’s a tub of ice-cream to soothe the corners of a broken heart sad songs don’t fill. You were once the sprinkles that coloured my day, and now you’ll remember me as….I’ll just await your poetic response. Noah_arkenswagg


Forgive me imperfect nature itches to embrace craves to smile upon the wreckage of self, and all I can do is watch from a mirage I’m here till you’re there to save me then I’m gone with the wind. Forgive me. I’m a runner. Noah_arkenswagg


I closed my eyes and wished hard that it will all end, and I can sleep for eternity..that all my pain will evaporate into little drops of winter and rain upon my cold heart. I did..I really really hoped my wish would come true..I closed my eyes and wished so hard till the tears came hard and fast and I forgot all about men not crying ..I did. You don’t know about pain…otherwise you wouldn’t let me say I’m fine. Noah


Why not kiss the hand of darkness, why not lift the veil that steals life. Why am I here simply to cause pain and receive the art of suffering upon my skin. Why not say goodbye and watch the candle finally die out as the darkness hugs me ever so tight. Why not… Why…


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