Share your story here… In this space, on this wall, paint in red your pain and then colour with blue the happy moments in between. In the blink of an eye there lies a masterpiece, beautiful in the eyes of those blinded by love for you..and a disaster amongst those that cover their mouths when they talk about you. Still it’s your story, it’s smile with red paint dripping down your left hand and dimples smudged with blue. Noah_arkenswagg



Face palmed, just to hide a monster from the world. Cage of fingers, oh, I’m never releasing the beast. It’s better this way, to hide from unforgiving eyes, it’s nicer this way, when no one has that look of disgust when they turn my way. This story doesn’t end with a beauty becoming blinded by love, its the 21st century. Noah_arkenswagg


Till death do us part. Just words, or a state of mind.. Does simply saying it make it true? Or do we reach that point where even avalanches wouldn’t shake our resolve, before we actually say the words before a crowd? If its simply words, then I’m comfortable saying it to myself in the mirror at dawn. I’d rather stay alone than feel alone with another in my heart. Noah_arkenswagg

Alone or lonely

It’s been a while since I felt this way, like a drop of water..alone in the ocean. I’m a lonely leaf in a forest, a single cloud in the sky, a sad face and shuffling feet in a crowded street. Invisibility doesn’t suit me.. I promise I have a dazzling smile.. So someone please draw closer. Noah_arkenswagg

Selfish addiction

I have seen beauty in more ways than the veins of a leaf, but I must admit, yours is the kind I’m addicted to. I’m yet to realise what feature it is, and why certain people remind me of you…but I’m certain I’m still looking for you in the crowd. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll find the face that matches someday, and well, they say if you like it put a ring on it. Noah_arkenswagg

Sweet dreams

Dear brain, if you take the effort to tease me with beautiful things while I sleep, then allow me to remember them when eyelids flutter. I want to run through snow on stormy deserts with a suit on and a fishing rod in hand, and allow me to spend the day with ice cream trees and dragons in mind. Isn’t that when I need it most? When the stress of other humans taunts me in the hours before I kiss my pillows? Noah_arkenswagg