I’m broken in all the wrong places..can’t you see my stitches? It would take little more than fake promises and deceitful hugs to rip me open like roses in the hands of an angry muse. Noah_arkenswagg 


don’t fall in love with me, I don’t go swimming in dangerous waters . I’m bolted fast to a lonely willow tree with chains made of the pain from the other one that got me testing those same waters. so don’t fall..I’m a bad swimmer and I don’t want to see you drown.                    Noah_arkenswagg 

Dear writers,

I finally understand the heartbreak poems. Dear poets, please keep the sad poems coming ..share your pain with me. but I won’t share my tears.                                     ~a selfish melancholic.                         Noah_arkenswagg


hear my heart scream in weather calmer than a storm. See my pain within my smile..count the cracks in my kind heart, for I won’t share these secrets with a living soul, so die with me in a nightmare..awake with me in a dream where my secrets are yours to keep. Don’t expect me to speak up before then, for the pain involved in looking around to share a moment, and finding no one to smile or cry with is more heart wrenching than love songs. Noah_arkenswagg 

People look for meanings in dreams because it is the subconscious redepiction of real life situations, and so why the brain decides to play back memories in a particular fashion or create entirely new situations is interesting and yet a bewilderment. 


In those moments where I need a hug, could you not whisper I love yous in a different language. Just be fluent in warmth so I may nest in your embrace till roses in my heart bloom..and the butterflies in my stomach settle upon blood red petals. Noah_arkenswagg

Cold fire

Im so cold, and the feeling emanates from deep within my heart.. Obviously. Could you give me a hug witout stealing a kiss.. Catching fire is a bit more than I had in mind. Noah_arkenswagg


It’s nighttime.. Shots fired in the distance, a warning from the other side. This side prepares to return fire.. Empty barrels.. Imagine the shock, feel the dread creep up their spines, kissing necks in a shiver inducing touch. There’s a war within.. Heart against mind, thoughts against emotion.. A thin veil of reason. Pick an army… One side must win… The other?Empty barrels.          Noah_arkenswagg 

The night is dark, so bleak is the black darkness. The sun will come…                         The shadows dance upon my window sill, a stage drama, starring the stuff out of nightmares my pillow must have shared with them. The sun is coming…                       The night is so cold, it makes closed eyes seem like falling into a abyss, one 

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