Good afternoon

Dusk is coming and the jealous night chases soon after. Lunch was amazing, brunch might have been even more so. Now the race is on for pizza and TV, ice cream and sad music, blankets, a couch and a smile. Oh I simply can’t wait till its dark, and the inspiration the night brings is here. Noah_arkenswagg


Good morning

“Good morning.” what I really want to say is “hi! How’s your day going? Did you not want to leave your fortress with a thread count? Like me, did the arrows of sunlight shot through your curtains simply mean you could readjust pillows and blankets? Were pancakes and tea your only reasons for stepping out from a fluffy castle and into the harsh world? Till afternoon my friend, we’ll see how that went too.” Noah_arkenswagg

Celestial ☀️🌍🌚

I live on the dark side of the moon, where the sun won’t shine..and hides it’s light from me. I promised to love her to the moon and back, only to realise I’m space bound…and now I know. My love is unwanted where blue exists and red represents love, where chocolate means life and purple is for cakes. I watch from afar while she dances with him in colour. Dear moon, a compliment to you… “how grey and beautiful you look today.” noah_arkenswagg

sad song 🎻

friends, they come and go like the seasons, like winter and snow. here today with arms wide gone tomorrow, a blunt lie.

my heart sings a slow song, a tune all lonely hearts know, so tell me, how can a million hearts be wrong.

or how can we be kind , so kind we don’t even mind, a broken heart we nurse, a tortured smile we spread. noah_arkenswagg

beauty standards ☂🐯🙎

I’ll attempt something that’s as possible as using an umbrella against a hurricane. How about kissing a tiger on the cheeks…or licking the ice off Everest. How about describing her beauty… its harder than it sounds. what would you say? you’re as beautiful as the moment you catch someone begin to smile, with hair as beautiful as black gold threads? You do her no justice, words aren’t enough to describe beauty whose standards are not yet understood by mortals. noah_arkenswagg


If everything I am was placed in a vase on a pedestal, I’d ask for a sledge hammer and in a not so gentle swing shatter self. Pieces in hand, and bleeding palms, I’d fall on knees and wail with the wind …no regrets, no more pain, just a smile of acknowledgement. Now I know I’m empty ..noah_arkenswagg

what love is

Love is accepting that he’s a better Prince than I.. love is letting him serenade you with lines he probably stole from my failed attempts. Love is watching you smile as you get lost in his embrace. Love is seeing those eyes and realising they only see the other guy. Love is knowing all these and not dueling her Prince at sundown. Even from afar you define love to me. noah_arkenswagg

narrow mind..💔

it is a sad thing, to live in a world with no attachment to anyone till you love them…to care only about yourself unless they’re family….and your excuse? they would have treated you same. how unfortunate. noah_arkenswagg

unspoken 💛🕛💣

“smile more” she said. “I’m falling in love with you again” he said while holding her gaze so tenderly. “listen to me!, stand straight..and oh let me fix your tie” she said with a half hidden smile. “my love for you knows no bounds…ill love you forever.” sigh “where are your glasses? you’ll be late!”

I’ll love you till the end of time ..and then after..even in paradise I’ll love you …did you know that?”

“yes I know ..and I….”


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