A man drunk on power will slay a friend, a woman drunk on power will slay a dragon. Deal with it. Noah_arkenswagg


Story 😪

‘I’m tired’, he said.. In a voice that wasn’t the kind that made it entirely believable. You see, he knew that sighing and speaking slowly and softly wasn’t going to convince anyone to empathise..humans are too selfish; this truth he had come to realise years before. So jokingly he smiled and gave hints that went ignored as usual, until the day both his hints and self were absent. As humans tend to be predictable, there they were, expressing emotions they called sadness, bleeding mascara before noon etc. Noah_arkenswagg

fake friends

Arrows shot from between teeth, a gaping cut along my cheek… arms open wide to give the gift of a hug, a ticking time bomb is the sound that greets me instead of a heart beat. hands extended for a shake… heart pounding I’m frozen in terror. noah_arkenswagg

taste test

a thousand ways to taste pain, and my favourite kind is to sit back with a wine glass in hand and slowly take a sip of ‘unrequited love’. The worst part is I’m not alone, there’s literally a thousand songs to go with this acquired taste. noah_arkenswagg