You are an eclipse to my past and if you move away, the paradox is, I cant see my future. So stay here, where pain is a fairy tale, and your hair is the night sky I see even at dawn. Noah_arkenswagg



“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” they said. Liars, absence makes the heart wonder and ponder and mourn and drown. Absence doesn’t help the heart, it only tortures it, and mocks it with memories of a scent, a smile, a laugh. All these hidden in things like strawberry cake, the shape of a cloud or the sound the wind makes when it whispers to the trees. Noah_arkenswagg

It’s raining, it’s pouring.

Here comes the rain, here come the tears that belong in the heavens, here to wash away the real tears…to turn warm liquid cold and leave the falacy of comfort behind. Oh what a lie you tell dear sky, you make me wonder weather you’re truly sad, or simply mocking me. Noah_arkenswagg


Heart of gold and a face only monsters could love. Heart stitched together with love and a face shadows stay away from. They say what lies inside is more important, but who picks a toy that doesn’t catch the eye…I want a face that makes knees weak. Noah_arkenswagg


One day they’ll ask why I did it. They’ll find different reasons from different people..I left clues behind in all the shades of mystery. Like a puzzle, the pieces will only come together when the final picture is there for all to see. One day…crosswords will make more sense than spoken words. Noah_arkenswagg

Big Bad

It’s not that I wish to be the lone wolf, but being the lone wolf, i know it hurts less than being in a pack…the lone wolf knows not the pain of losing a mate, or having to deal with the alpha who gets things his way…it’s safer being lone. However, it tells no story about my strength..never mistake being lone for weakness, being lone makes me bigger than the rest..and maybe my voice will reach the moon now when I howl. Noah_arkenswagg