Hold me.. Let me memorize the way you laugh while pinching my cheeks. You’ll get your palms stained with a blush, but I guess there would be more for me to memorize then. Noah_arkenswagg


If only I could embody winter without as much as a shiver, and colour the sky with my fleeting emotions, or even start a party on the streets of London…I would. Anything to distract me from the absence you’ve left behind, the lack of you I can’t define in presumptuous of me. I’ve left everyone else behind..everyone…I hear them screaming at me, the pain in their voices I try to ignore. You’re my excuse…always. noah_arkenswagg 


Catnip for dragons, cookies for the milkyway, the wind posing before a mirror, castles in the air, you missing me…just a few words to complement unrequited love. Noah_arkenswagg


I see you when i close my eyes, a beauty you cant miss in the dark..the light is the problem, you’re never really there when i’m awake. Its like you only thrive in my subconscious mind, bringing to the fore a conscious thought…you’re all i think of, especially when i breathe. Noah_arkenswagg


Hey, tell me something. If you had an eternity and a sheet of paper, could you describe the moment you first fell in love?..ofcourse the rule is not to exceed a certain number of lines, determined by the…never mind, they’re worth all the paper i’m sure, scribble it even in bark if you can. Noah_arkenswagg

Dear nature

Lets imagine this. He stood there,paint brush in hand and the wind on his back, painting beauty with nothing but emotion to colour with..and all she did was run with the wind and startle the flowers in the meadow. She refused to be still, like a child of the universe she approached each thing that moved to the tune of nature as though a jewel. And still he painted, his smile increasing with each waltz and bow she made with nature. There was a time she even got closer, just to lean in and tickle his nose..and still he painted her ..for she was nature, in all its beauty and stubbornness. Pity it’s just a thought..the words of a poet..a fragment of imagination that in its own right and pride is only fleeting..and like nature always fleetingly beautiful. Noah_arkenswagg


You’ve been on my mind all day, just hanging out in my thoughts ..uninvited of course, but when have you bothered with such niceties. You intend to make a wager for my heart again, yours for unfair deal by all definitions. For how could a humble poet by night and a lone wolf by the light of stars have in possession a queen’s heart..I’ll be robbed for sure before midnight, and my cry won’t be heard beyond my lips. The Princes that seek you have nothing on the king’s that love you..the emperor’s that adore you will battle storms for your hand..and here you are making a simple wager with a dimpled smile. Like a natural disaster you will be the my ruin, yet here I am smiling. Day dreams…sigh. noah_arkenswagg

The book’s cover

Why ask if you’re bound to judge. Would you rather not be blind to sight and yet open in heart to my inner person? Would you rather not hear the words I carefully select from my vocabulary, or clumsily play with in moments of extreme emotion? Why ask if you’ll abandon? Why so many questions?’s cause you’re human, and I beg to be judged simply by being imperfect.   Noah_ arkenswagg 

Planet earth

What would be, if it was so..that a man may move more than a feather without limb. What would cling to existence if in those moments of intense, heartbreaking pain you could shatter the world with only thought? Would you stop gravity? Would you stop the eternal waltz of the planet so it stood at attention to your sorrow? Pain and hurt…we all have tasted…and yet the world must once again begin her eternal dance. Noah_arkenswagg

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