Play with the edges of my imagination, make them boundariless.. Be my muse till infinity, I’d love you long after. Your beauty is without comparison, the tension in your eyes even lions fear. Your heartbeat is my favourite song, and its a wilder beat than jungle drums. Noah_arkenswagg



I know how weird it is that i love you when i only know your name, but i think its enough to compare your beauty to shakespearan love… Romeo and Juliet have nothing on us, we would have been the next greatest story if i could just say hi..and shakespeare was still alive. Noah_arkenswagg


I’m just a man. if you hug me ill blush, if you hurt me i’ll spill poetry, if you love me I’ll cherish the moments we share….but am I a man if I no longer feel the pain from your words? you have made sticks and stones the only things you hold, when it used to be my hand…so am I still a man if even my bones have gone quiet and no longer whisper poetry? or maybe I’m a cold statue… they only breathe at night when we are asleep. Noah_arkenswagg

haphazard (inverted)

sometimes my thoughts won’t allow themselves to be reined in… underwater in a library, the other students shush me while I panic and form a cloud of bubbles that soon settles into an outfit. windowless rooms, glass floors…starry ceilings, donut shaped doors. Summer dresses in the colours of winter, pale lips made rosy with autumn red lipstick. The chaos that is me..will you turn me into art, my love. Noah_arkenswagg


I had a dream.. And then maybe I overslept a little. You told me you loved me, and I think I heard you promise heartbreak. Friends for life, but I found reason in your late replies to disappear. The coward I am… I wish I could hug him in the mirror and tell him “it’s ok”…fear is normal, but it’s time you tried on a suit of bravery. Noah_arkenswagg


maybe it’s true that when you cry from only one eye, you’re already half healed. if that’s true, then please be the muse that takes a picture of me, even though I hate taking photographs…soon this will simply be a reminder of how far I’ve come, and maybe my heart will be yours ..a canvas for your story. if all your promises are true, show me how different you are from the last artist. noah_arkenswagg


center of gravity, my thoughts have made your name a nest, and my eyes seem to find you in a crowded room on their own..all my senses know you, well most…and they tell me little stories. You love black in a way that makes my eyes smile, you smell of summer and flowers and.. my nose knows too much. That laugh, and the way you say hi…ears have never known sweeter music. noah_arkenswagg


oh freckled queen, will you let me join the dots and turn you into poetry. Art has never been cuter than when you smile, show me how wordless poetry can be. I love you. noah_arkenswagg


Make it a challenge, bring down a dragon and an army, let Prince charming lead the whole dance…I’ll still win your heart by the time the night comes, and colours the horizon shades of purple.. noah_arkenswagg

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