Deleting memories of our friendship from my gallery is more painful than I imagined it would be, I literally can’t sit up straight with this heavy heart, and the tears won’t let me see my world crumbling …122 images more. Help me. Noah_arkenswagg



Don’t think about a rainy night and a bride running out of a limo. Don’t think about the kittens playing in a puddle. I hope you’re not being a rebel..huh? Don’t imagine a girl in a blue gown with a tuxedo clothed companion and an unbrella, and forget you saw a little girl stamp her foot and fold her arms cause she wanted to hold her father’s umbrella for him. You failed didn’t you? Then think about how you’re now the only one without an umbrella…. Noah_arkenswagg

Trust in quivers

I’ll tell you my secrets so you can restock your quiver, I’ll close my eyes and open my arms wide while you take aim. I trusted you, I dare say I even loved you…anyway, don’t close your eyes while you destroy me…don’t pretend you still care when you’re literally the end to our chapter. Noah_arkenswagg

Love me

You know that moment when you’re smiling and someone is busily falling in love with you?..I want that so bad, everyday till ..and after I find her. Noah_arkenswagg

My friend

I used to scream for your attention till my voice was hoarse, now I barely whisper. Surprisingly you miss my screams and my whisperless voice hurts your heart. noah_arkenswagg

I’m done

You’re my world, the story my heart tells my Lungs in every heart beat, the song my lips won’t stop singing has your name as the only lyric, your face is all my retinas see, the definition of air is the scent of your hair….and yet, you’re walking away. The beautiful reason you give is that I love too much, and that maybe the sun needs a break from all the planets? Noah_arkenswagg

Faulty star

Maybe I fell for you because you looked like you’d find a fault in my stars,literally…short hair, perfect face and all. Noah_arkenswagg

Shadow pain

Rip me open by the seams, watch the flowers bleed by the dozen. All the dark emotions I had hidden, now falling out as black roses. There’s beauty in watching me hurt isn’t there…you seem to enjoy doing it. Noah_arkenswagg

Missing you

I miss you more than the wolves miss the moon. I miss you as much as the rain likes to mimick tears. Slow smiles and lashes that kiss cheeks are all I can think penny for my thiights? How about a whole jar and I’ll write you an encyclopedia on how beautiful eyes the colour of the sky become more beautiful at night. Noah_arkenswagg

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