My eyes are the kind of brown that remind you of honey and how sweet it tastes.. Coffee colored too if you care for a bit of danger, I’m basically breakfast for the bold..and if your name is Juliet then “hi, I’m the Romeo you’ve been looking for.” noah_arkenswagg

Ticking bomb

Here we go again, a simple mention of your name and my knees are weaker then jello. Caught sight of your smile? Now I need my friends to help me up while they scold me for even admiring you. They say my end will come when I speak to you, the day I hear musical instruments sing words at me. Noah_arkenswagg


Caught between your smile and your beautiful heart, I’m so in love and I feel silly in the same way skipping in public would make you feel. You make me feel alive just by existing in the same frame of time and I’m bleeding bliss in globs of disaster… Oh if only I cared more about my poor heart.. I’d warn it to stay away from your smile.. But I’m addicted in ways that make staying away a figment of my imagination. Noah_arkenswagg

To know or not?

A knock at the door, then a short pause before he turned the handle and walked in. The first thing he saw or didn’t see was the darkness.. pitch black in the way that pulses and ebbs like liquid against the walls. A few heart beats later and he could see enough to get to work…at first with a paint brush, then later with hands. How beautiful it is, how intense… The pain he visualized was enough to break a man, let alone if one had to live with it day and night. This image that was both beautiful and frightening..he had to walk away, and no man was ever to see it. A knock at the door, then a short pause… Will you go in and know his heart? Noah_arkenswagg

Sassy tree

Legs deep in the earth, arms wide open in an eternal hug… My job is simply to stand here breathing and getting unwanted tattoos from love struck ‘romeos’…if only this strategy worked. In the summer you should see me twirl in my clothes.. In the winter I’m as nude as makeup and even then I promise you I look awesome. Noah_arkenswagg

You… part 2

You! You define beauty …you’re the reason the painter wakes up inspired and the musician writes songs to sing on a balcony on a rainy day…you’re the reason for this poem, and you’ll never know. You! …how does anyone move on from you, how is beauty spoken of without a picture of you to illustrate…I have so much to say and yet I’m speechless, such song in my heart and yet I’m simply a writer, I would paint you by hand, but I only have my thoughts of you. You!