pillow fort

King and Queen of nothing, but this castle … pillow fort we built together is more beautiful than any thing built with stone; our foundation is love and nothing glitters more. noah_arkenswagg


fake friends

Arrows shot from between teeth, a gaping cut along my cheek… arms open wide to give the gift of a hug, a ticking time bomb is the sound that greets me instead of a heart beat. hands extended for a shake… heart pounding I’m frozen in terror. noah_arkenswagg

taste test

a thousand ways to taste pain, and my favourite kind is to sit back with a wine glass in hand and slowly take a sip of ‘unrequited love’. The worst part is I’m not alone, there’s literally a thousand songs to go with this acquired taste. noah_arkenswagg


I laugh and smile while you’re watching, so when you turn away I can sigh and wipe away the rain from my eyes. it’s been forever since this storm came through, and I wasn’t prepared for this natural disaster. noah_arkenswagg


I wore clothes that made me vulnerable, the kind that showed the skin of my neck, and you took advantage of that. Everything I ever told you was an unravelling of my heart, and so you waited till I was barely clothed.. and then you stabbed me where the old scars lie. So, shall I become as heartless as you are? noah_arkenswagg

a time of war

Pillow fights and tickle battles, food fights that end with popcorn in hair and butter on cheeks, a story of love in the font of war. Such were the times they lived in, him and her.. their names long forgotten, but their story told by a poet who admired their love. noah_arkenswagg


I’ve got love codes along my dna, and I’ll tell you how I know. People like me treat love as a crown, we won’t corronate you with a kiss and then move on to another queen when you’re gone. People like me leave the throne empty till our last breath, for no other deserves to sit where she began and ended our story…theres no other queen that looks that amazing with ink stained cheeks. noah_arkenswagg